Quebec Proposes Major Changes to Road Safety Law

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Ontario Introduces Safer Roads Act

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Quebec to Ban Cell Phone Use on Highway

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The Proper Adjustment of Your Headrest Could Save Your Neck

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Driver Fatigue

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Driven to Distraction

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Road Safety Tips

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ARI Accident & Injury Reporting Instructions & Forms

Process of Reporting a Claim

  1. Please make a report to the ARI Damage Management Department for all accidents  - ph# 1-877-274-2262 – This should be done within 24 hrs of the accident or the next business day –please quote your  Plate # , ARI card # or company & driver name

At scene of the accident – You should secure the other parties vehicle information including insurance information

if the vehicle is not drivable Contact ARI immediately – we are available 24/7 and will arrange a tow to a repair facility/towing compound.

When the call is received, the ARI Specialist will identify the vehicle and driver on our system and set up a claim immediately on our Intellifleet system.

The driver will be asked if there are any injuries and details of the incident, which are entered into our system.
They will then be directed to complete an ARI accident report form and have their vehicle taken to a preferred repair facility. The ARI specialist will arrange a tow if necessary.

Rental or replacement vehicles.

Arrangements for a replacement vehicle can be made immediately if needed or a reservation set up with a rental company once the vehicle is dropped off for repairs.

  1. Driver to complete the Driver Motor Vehicle Accident Report and send to ARI fax #(647) 439-0807 – reports are found in the glove compartment, the ARI drivers website.  or ARI will e-mail / fax a copy to the driver.
  2. Once the vehicle is at the repair facility, we will request an estimate and digital photos to be sent to ARI. The damages will be audited and if the damages are extensive, an independent insurance appraiser will be assigned to attend the shop and appraise the vehicle.
  3. ARI will immediately forward the accident report to your company’s Insurance Company for investigation if applicable( injuries, any third party involvement or property damage) – the driver can expect a call from the adjuster to confirm details and if there are any injuries. Your company will also be notified immediately if there are any injuries
  4. Our ARI Damage Specialist will coordinate with the repair facility and insurance company regarding repairs and payment of repairs.

An Independent insurance appraiser is utilized for large losses.

The following is our contact information for Damage Management Department

Toll free # 1-877-274-2262 

main: (905) 803-8000


Fax # (647) 439-0807




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